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Guyanese Bake Recipe Black Cake (Rum Soaked Fruit Cake)



Guyanese Bake Recipe

Guyanese Bake Recipe, Famous for its distinctively thick structure, dark shade, abundant as well as durable preference; this is the cake that triumphs. This precious rum-drenched fruit cake is extremely adored and also searched for throughout Xmas time in addition to wedding events as well as parties. If you have actually never ever had this cake, initially look it might look like that of a delicious chocolate cake, yet the deep dark shade originates from the cornerstone- dried out macerated fruits. Prunes, currants, raisins, and also glaced cherries are sliced carefully after that taken in merlot as well as dark rum for months and also years at a time. The fruit combination is included in cake batter in addition to fragrant flavors as well as cozy seasonings. When cooking, my residence is fragranced with the cake’s citrusy notes. It scents like Xmas impends.

Maturing, I bear in mind having black cake at wedding celebrations as well as Xmas time. The black cake created wedding events constantly had a layer of almond paste and also imperial topping ahead, after that embellished with little silver sugar grains. I specifically enjoyed the item of black cake that was right under the almond paste. Mmm! Whenever we baked it throughout Xmas time, we never ever cold. Nowadays, I assume individuals make it the method they such as.

Fruit Cake

Appearance is words to utilize when going over black cake. I can not inform you the number of times individuals describe just how the uniformity of a black cake makes it a good one or poor. Dishes and also methods for black cake differ according to nation and also individual choice. Directly, a pudding-like appearance is what I choose. It’s smooth as well as simply merges your mouth. Mmm, once again.

I can not claim this dish is only my mother’s or grandma’s or anybody specifically. It is really a mix of 5 or 6 individuals as well as my mama’s old 1973 Guyanese recipe book, What’s Food preparation in Guyana. If you understand a person that is a master at making this cake, you far better hope they are kind sufficient to share their ideas. It is just one of those cakes where no person intends to inform you their dish, as well as if they do, they do not inform you all the various other essential actions like just how crucial a reduced cooking temperature level is, or just how to make the burned sugar to tint the cake.


Guyanese Bake Recipe

Mama and also I have actually found many topple the years from individuals that agreed to share. When I informed her that I wish to share the black cake dish this year on my blog site, she claimed, “gyal, yuh pave the way all meh dish dem.” I chuckled so hard, however she mored than happy to add.

Marlene – the Bajan lady that made the black cake for my wedding celebration, additionally my aunty Mala’s veteran close friend. Her suggestion was to cook the cake at the very least 3-5 days prior to offering for maximum preference.
Pearly – My partner’s grandma. “Saturate the cake with cherry brandy and also excellent (top quality) rum.”
Miss Joan – My old colleague. “Cover the cake with cling wrap right after cleaning with rum.”

Guyanese Bake Recipe

Guyanese Bake Recipe


We make use of a mix of prunes, currants, raisins, and also glaced or maraschino cherries. I believe most dried out fruit would certainly function well in this cake. One year we also attempted dried out figs, yet we wound up eating the seeds throughout the cake. It goes without saying we omitted it the list below year. My papa typically grinds the fruit for us, he chooses to utilize a conventional food mill despite the fact that there are faster means. I make use of a ninja blender or food processor. It has the grinding power to obtain the fruits to a smooth paste appearance as well as it gets it done promptly.

We grind our fruits after that saturate with rum and also white wine. A choice technique is to saturate the fruits entire as well as grind when prepared to cook the cake. Serious black cake manufacturers will certainly speak highly of saturating the fruits for at the very least a year, while 3-4 months is good enough for others. No approach is wrong below; simply various, and also based upon choice.

If you did not saturate fruits months in advance, you can additionally simmer the fruits in red wine for around 20 mins. Allow it amazing after that emaciate and also integrate with rum.

Do you see that vivid stuff in the combination? That’s a combined peel. I do not such as the preference or structure of this in fruit cake, yet when it is emaciated with the various other fruits, it truly includes a wonderful taste to the cake.

Pay attention to exactly how the fruit blend resembles a paste; not watery or bumpy. I utilized my Ninja blender or food processor to emaciate the fruits.

Guyanese bake

This is not a crumb kind cake, it looks like even more of a dessert so a heat is not required to prepare the cake. Some individuals cook this in a bain marie (water bathroom) to vapor the cake. I have actually not attempted this technique, however. We have actually baked this cake anywhere in between 275-300 levels. My mother’s stove warms really rapid and also can also get too hot. Whenever I’m utilizing her stove I need to lower the temperature level a little since my baked products appear to brownish up faster than I would certainly as. I cook this cake at 275 in her stove for nearly 2 hrs, yet if cooking in my cooking area, it enters at 300 for 90 mins.

Mother’s old Guyanese recipe book, What’s Food preparation In Guyana. This publication has actually seen much better days, yet a little cake splatter occasionally offers its personality.

Make the tinting for the cake. This action can be really challenging. It is very easy to melt the sugar to the point where it is bitter. I suggest exercising this action till you get it appropriate or if you are not as comfy, store-bought scorched sugar will certainly function simply great. Allow the sugar to cool prior to contributing to the cake.

After creaming the butter as well as sugar, include eggs after that fruit blend. As soon as the fruit is integrated, including flour. The batter will certainly lighten in shade once more after including flour.

After including flour, include burned sugar in the cake. Include as high as you like up until preferred shade is attained.

I such as to cook my cake on parchment paper. It functions quite possibly in keeping in the fluid when needing to put rum over the cake.

Bake cake anywhere in between 275- 300 levels for 90 mins.

As quickly as the cake appears of the stove, put the cherry brandy + dark rum mix on the top. Brush to disperse.

This cake has photographed an hr after it was baked. As the cake cools down the appearance as well as shade will certainly alter.


It should have a dessert-like appearance, not rigid, rubbery, or completely dry
It has to have simply sufficient rum, not subduing where you can not take pleasure in the cake
The cake should be baked a minimum of 3 days in advance so it has time to completely dry for the finest flavor/texture
It has to have a great elevation, we desire a breeze, not a bit
Royal topping for wedding events as well as birthday celebration events; no topping for our black cake baked at Xmas


  • Eggs, as well as butter, should be an area temperature level to aid with also blending.
  • An 8inch frying pan is the best dimension for me. The batter will certainly fill up 3 tins. 9in frying pans might be utilized, yet see to it to readjust baking time. Larger the frying pan, the much less time required to cook.
  • I such as to line frying pans with parchment paper. It maintains an all-time low of the cake moist as well as likewise guarantees the cake takes in all the alcohol blend when soaked top.
  • When grinding fruits, see to it is not bumpy. It must appear like a paste structure.
    If making use of store-bought browning/burnt sugar, make certain to taste it initially to guarantee it is not salted.
  • You will certainly have emaciated fruit mix continuing to be, this dish just requires 3 mugs of the blend and also makes 2 cakes.
  • You will certainly consume most, not all, of the port red wine when macerating/soaking the fruit.
  • If you are not comfy making your very own scorched sugar, exercise a couple of times. It can shed extremely swiftly, so as quickly as it obtains extremely dark brownish, get rid of from warmth, and also include a glass of wine. Preference when cool to ensure it is not bitter. If as well bitter, it will certainly wreck the preference of the cake! Below is an excellent video clip on exactly how to make your very own burned sugar .
  • After cleaning the cake with rum/brandy blend, allow it to cool down a couple of mins after that cover cake with cling wrap. Make certain cling wrap touches the cake.
  • This aids to secure in the wetness. Leave cling wrap on the cake as well as soon as ever before a couple of days, include extra rum/brandy combination.



  • 1 pound prunes, matched
  • 1 pound currants
  • 1 pound raisins
  • 8oz red glaced cherries
  • 4oz blended peel


  • 750mL container port a glass of wine (or an additional dark red glass of wine).
  • 3-4 mugs white or dark rum.
  • Maintain one additional little container rum available.



  • 4 tablespoon brownish sugar.
  • 4 tablespoon port white wine.


  • 1 pound saltless butter, softened (4 sticks).
  • 1 pound sugar, demerara brownish or white granulated (2 mugs).
  • 12 eggs.
  • Passion of one lemon.
  • The passion of one orange.
  • 1 small spoon vanilla remove.
  • 1 small spoon almond remove.
  • 2 small spoons combined significance.
  • 1 1/2 pounds macerated fruit combination (regarding 3 heaping mugs).
  • 300g all-purpose flour (2 1/2 degree mugs).
  • 2 small spoon cooking powder.
  • 1 1/2 small spoon ground cinnamon.
  • 1/2 small spoon ground nutmeg.
  • 1/4 small spoon ground all flavor.
  • 1/4 small spoon ground clove.


  • 1/4 mug dark rum.
  • 1/4 mug cherry brandy.




Clean and also completely dry all fruits. Mix with each other in a big dish. Location fruits a little at once in a mixer, food mill, or ninja blender, or food processor. Include sufficient a glass of wine to grind fruits to a paste. Repeat procedure till fruits has actually been emaciated. Fruit blend needs to not be as well watery. Include 3-4 mugs of dark rum. Mix as well as allow mix saturate at minimal one week or perhaps one year+. Including even more glasses of wine or rum occasionally.


If making use of store-bought burned sugar, avoid this action. Location sugar in a tiny pan. On reduced warmth turn sugar with a spoon up until it starts to caramelize. When dark brownish, include a glass of wine and also eliminate from warm. Allow trendy entirely.


Preheat stove to 275 or 300 levels F.
Line 3-8in or 2-9in baking frying pans with parchment paper. Cut the paper as well as alloted.
Bring eggs as well as butter to space temperature level.
Break eggs right into a different dish one by one, Get rid of the little white membrane layer from each egg (optional). Beat in enthusiasms, vanilla, almond, as well as combined significance. Allot.
In a different dish, blend all completely dry components. Reserve.
In a deep blending dish or stand mixer, lotion butter as well as sugar up until pale. Include eggs a little each time. Mix well.

Of the macerated fruit combination, include 1 1/2 pounds (3 heaping mugs) a little at once, proceed to mix.

Include flour mix a little at once- layer in with a spatula. Include 1 tablespoon charred sugar at once up until preferred shade is attained. If making use of shop got scorched sugar, 4 tablespoons needs to be sufficient for a really dark cake. Mix well.

Put batter right into lined cake frying pans.
Bake anywhere from 275-300 levels F for 80-90 mins. When cake appeared of stove, put alcohol blend ahead. When great, cover the cake with cling wrap. Taste is best after a couple of days.


1lb fruit mix is generally utilized, you can attempt this dish with these adjustments to see if it satisfies your choice. If you did not saturate fruits months in advance, you can likewise simmer the fruits in a glass of wine for around 20 mins. Allow it amazing after that emaciate as well as incorporate with rum.

The batter might be divided into 3 smaller-sized cake frying pans.

After eliminating the cake from the stove, it might appear it is underprepared. Do not be surprised as this is just how it is expected to be. After 2-3 days the structure will certainly transform.


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Baked beef with Sorrel Jam





This is an additional dish concerning including a little spin to what is regarded standard. This year, as opposed to the normal pineapple-jam polish, seasoning points up a little bit by utilizing a various flavour of jam- sorrel- as well as some excellent ole Guyanese achar, ideally mango. Of course make use of a high quality store-bought sorrel jam yet if you have the moment, make sure to make your very own. If you can not locate sorrel jam after that make use of a various flavour of jam. Guava as well as orange marmalade are exceptional enhancements to achar.

The sorrel jam-mango achar mix provides genuine fruitiness to the pork. The flavors from the achar will certainly have everybody questioning that charming flavour. So excellent. With a polish similar to this one, you can avoid the mustard (if you like).

To offer the beef, you can make an added set of the polish to function as a sauce.


 Guyanese food recipes


Roasting frying pan fitted with a shelf


1 beef , treated and also completely prepared, thawed
Entire cloves

For polish:

1 mug Sorrel Jam
3 tbsps Mango Achar
2 tbsps faucet water



Line the baking frying pan with aluminum foil, place the shelf as well as reserved.
Preheat stove to 350 levels F.
Rub the beef completely dry; eliminate the skin (peel) and also a few of the excess fat leaving concerning a 1/4- inch fat cap over the meat. Rating the fat to make ruby forms.
Stud the center of each cut ruby form with a clove. If utilizing mustard, massage all of it over the leading as well as sides of the beef .
Transfer the beef to the rack-roasting frying pan as well as cook till heated up with: 25 mins per extra pound. For instance, if your pork is 5 extra pounds, cook for 2 hrs as well as 5 mins.
While the beef is cooking, make the polish– include all the active ingredients to a tiny pan and also blend over tool warm. Allow the combination come near a simmer and also cook for 5– 6 mins, eliminate from warm and also awesome entirely.
Half an hour prior to the beef is done food preparation remove it from the stove as well as comb the polish over the leading and also sides of the pork. Go back to the stove and also cook for 25 mins. At the end of the 25 mins, eliminate the pork from the stove as well as brush once more with polish, go back to oven and also cook for 10– 15 mins or till the beef is perfectly caramelized (this will certainly take you 11 mins over the cooking time, that’s ok).
Eliminate the beef from the stove and also allow mean at the very least half an hour prior to cutting.❤❤❤

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Guyana food

Cheese Potato Stacks in Guyana





Potato Stacks are slim pieces of potatoes, piled one in addition to the various other as well as baked. The mix of natural herbs, flavors or cheese which can be utilized is adaptable. Collaborate with what you have offered.


When the frying pan is eliminated from the stove, allow it relax for a minimum of 25– thirty minutes prior to getting rid of from the frying pan; do not fret, the Potato Stacks will certainly still be warm when you prepare to offer them. The relaxing time is to make sure that they can establish as well as be conveniently eliminated from the frying pan.


Thyme, Garlic as well as Cheddar Potato Stacks .
Thyme, Garlic and also Cheddar Potato Stacks.
12-cup muffin frying pan, brushed with oil.
1 sheet frying pan, lined with aluminum foil.


2 mug entire vaporized milk.
3 tbsps saltless butter, thawed.
2 tbsps mashed baked garlic.
2 tbsp diced fresh thyme.
2 tsp penalty salt, separated in half.
1 tsp ground black pepper, separated in half.
3 extra pounds potatoes.
2 mug grated cheddar cheese.
thyme leaves.

 Guyanese recipes


Preheat stove to 360 levels F.
Location fueled oil muffin frying pan in addition to lined cooking sheet and also reserved.
Blend with each other the milk, thawed butter, baked garlic, thyme, 1 tsp salt as well as 1/2 tsp black pepper and also reserved.
Peel as well as cut the potatoes as slim as you can (make use of a normal slicer . Period with staying 1 tsp salt as well as 1/2 tsp black pepper.
Construct the sliced up potatoes equally right into the muffin mugs. Making use of a tbsp, mix and also spoon the milk mix over the potatoes. Cover the frying pan freely with aluminum foil and also transfer to the stove. Cook for 36 mins or till a blade inserts quickly right into the potatoes.
Get rid of the frying pan from the stove and also throw out the aluminum foil that was covering it. Sprinkle cheese uniformly over the potatoes as well as prepare a number of fresh thyme leaves in addition to celebrity.
Return the frying pan to the stove and also cook 16 mins or up until celebrity is gold and also bubbly. Eliminate the frying pan from the stove as well as allow remainder for 20– half an hour prior to releasing the heaps from the frying pan.

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Guyana food

Garlic Butter Flaps in Guyana





Including little spins to all-time favourites aids to make the vacations unique. Considered that vacation dishes are typically offered household design, offering pull-apart breads makes the concept of eating, with each other, at the table, remarkable as well as enjoyable.

Instead of the normal supper rolls, offer this  bread, which is composed of specific butter flaps (provided a transformation with garlic butter), repressed with each other in one frying pan with sufficient room to expand and also come to be puffy.

These Garlic Butter-Butter Flaps can be made days in advance as well as be maintained cooled. If you do not have the moment to make your very own, of course, make use of a top quality store-bought garlic butter.


 Guyanese food


1 x 12 inch square baking frying pan, brushed with oil

twisting pin


For garlic butter:

1/2 mug baked garlic
3 tbsps carefully diced parsley
9 ounces salted butter, area temperature level

For dough:

5 mugs all-round flour, plus added for job surface area
3 tbsps sugar
2 tbsp immediate yeast
1 tsp salt
2 mugs cozy water (115– 120 levels F).
3 tbsps Canola or grease, plus additional for the dish as well as dough.


For garlic butter:

Include all the component as well as mash along with a fork up until smooth. Cover with cling wrap and also cool up until prepared to utilize. If you are making today in advance, move the butter to cling wrap and also infect develop a log of 4– 5 inches long, roll to cover as well as frame the butter as well as cool till prepared to make use of.
Bring the garlic butter up to space temperature level prior to contributing to dough.
Get 2– 3 tbsps of the butter to thaw as well as brush over completed bread.

For dough:

Include flour, sugar, salt as well as yeast to a dish as well as blend well.
Include water as well as oil to powder mix and also combine to create a dough (depending upon your brand name of flour you might require to make use of much less or even more water). When the dough integrates, transfer to floured job surface area as well as knead for 4 mins.
Massage dough with oil and also transfer to a fueled oil dish. Cover as well as area someplace cozy yet draft totally free as well as allow evidence for 90 mins or up until greater than increased in dimension.
Punch down dough, knead for 2 mins after that divide equally right into 12 items; develop each item of dough right into a round.
Collaborating with 1 item of dough at once, roll it right into a 3-inch size, take 1 tbsp of garlic butter or a bit extra if you such as and also smear on one side of the circle, fold up the dough in half and afterwards once again in half to make a form like a triangular. Reserve. Repeat till all the dough has actually been buttered and also folded up.
Put together the flaps in the frying pan 8 on the external circle and also 4 in the center with the sharp side facing down in the frying pan. Cover and also allow climb in a cozy area for 1 hr. 20 mins prior to the hr is up, pre-heat the stove to 400 levels F.
Bake for 25 mins or till brownish. At the same time, thaw 2 tbsps of the continuing to be butter. Brush the bread with the thawed butter as quickly as it appears of the stove. Allow remainder in frying pan for 10 mins prior to eliminating to a cake rack to cool down to space temperature level.
To offer, take bread, undamaged, to table and also allow every person rive at the joints.

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